About Day & Night: IntraWx

With this day & night forecast using MetGraphics in-house IntraWx display style, you can forecast a entire day of weather from day to night. Each panel for day & night has a wide variety of potential weather effects for you to choose from depending on the anticipated conditions you plan to forecast. Additionally, the details of the forecast including temperature, precipitation chance, and wind are all displayed on a content block under the forecasted conditions.

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This template includes 33 different weather conditions for both day & night conditions, giving you a total of 66 weather blocks to choose from depending on the forecasted conditions during daytime hours and nighttime hours for each content block.

The background panel includes a corner block to display the date, time, or something else such as a logo or location. The background can also be swapped out with an image or graphic of your own with the included PNG files or the Photoshop document if you use Photoshop.

This template is 100% usable in essentially any design program, as the majority of the files included are in PNG format for you to use to build your forecast. As mentioned, if you do use Photoshop, this template of course includes the primary Photoshop document for you to use to its full potential.

The resolution of this day & night forecast template is 2500×1500 at 300 DPI in total, while each tile containing different weather conditions is 850×935 pixels.

File size: 133 MB

Included w Premium Membership