If something you’re looking for or need just isn’t quite in my portfolio of design work already, no need to worry or look elsewhere; simply shoot me an email and I’ll work with you to get what you need designed for you. Whether it be something as simple as a background to a more complicated logo, I work basically everything from weather-related projects to stuff completely out of the realm. In most cases I’ll get back to your initial contact request within a day or two depending how busy I am.


Years back when I was just beginning with all of this design stuff, I worked for free or extraordinarily cheap, as I’d assume most who are in the design field did (or not, maybe I was just unaware of the possibilities back in the day). As you probably can tell, I can’t/don’t do that much these days, and lets face it; my work years ago was quite horrid now that I look back, so perhaps it was a good thing it was super cheap or free.

On average, I do custom design work starting at $25 for, say a single item (i.e. a upper third or background) that isn’t super complicated. The bigger the project, or more items you need, of course the higher the total for the time put into the project. Custom maps I do usually run $30 – $40, on the low end of that range regional maps, and the higher end states or other smaller regions. Even now I’m doing this pretty affordably compared to other designers and studios out there which can charge massive sums for custom work.

Here’s a general rundown of what sort of projects I have the most skill/time working in;

  • Forecast Templates: in basically every variant you can imagine (0 – 7 days, hourly, etc).
  • Upper & lower thirds
  • Backgrounds: minor/moderate abstract 3D work and general 2D background element/effect work
  • Map design & editing
  • Information/infographic templates: work similar to designs you may find in the severe weather graphics page
  • Minor to moderate level illustration (raster/Photoshop)
  • Logo design (raster/Photoshop)
  • Photographic editing & manipulation
  • Moderate level After Effects work
  • Print design: business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.
  • App graphic elements: logo, background, icons, bars, and other elements

Work Process

My process of working with a client is as follows:

  1. Step one: client contacts me with request
  2. Step two: I write back to confirm I’ll be able to take on the project and give an estimated cost for the project
  3. Step three: if client accepts, I’ll write back generally asking any questions I may have regarding the project and get started
  4. Step four: once I have a first version or a few styles/variations, I’ll send previews to client for their imput
  5. Step five: work in any edits client requests
  6. Step six: finalize project after client confirms the design work is good to go
  7. Step seven: upload project files to a select distribution method/system
  8. Step eight: send along link where client can purchase the design pack & download after purchase