Current Conditions II

About Current Conditions II

Displaying on-the-now weather data is a tedious task in and of itself, why make that harder than it needs to be by having to come up with a design to display everything on? Current Conditions II allows you to enter and display current data with beauty on an easy-to-read basis, with two upper third designs to pick from and easily accessible transparent options to swap out the background.

Also included is a set of high resolution wind direction icons, designed specifically for this current conditions template. Their uses can certainly extend outside of this template though and be useful in maps and other forecasts.


What’s included:

4 .JPEGs (current conditions template)

4 .PNGs (transparent background current conditions templates to swap out background)

8 .PNGs (wind direction icons)

2 .PSDs (one for the current conditions template, the other for the wind icons template)

This template can opened and used with most image editors via the .JPEGs & .PNGs, while by using the Photoshop files, you retain full editability of this template.

File size: 22.5mb