Convective Mode III: Ultimate

About Convective Mode III: Ultimate

With Convective Mode III: Ultimate, you have the ability to completely showcase the setup of a thunderstorm event on one single design. The design is fairly complex, but the end product is easy to understand and straightforward to viewers. You can depict the strength/quality of shear, instability, lift, and moisture, as well as predict the risk of tornadoes, hail, (damaging) wind, and flooding.

For the designer, Convective Mode III isn’t too complicated to use. Photoshop users have access to the main Photoshop document, where you can tweak anything you wish, and create your storm setup with the internally-included radials and storm types. The radials come in two variations as you can see in the preview image(s), a color-coded version and a simple black & white version.


For non-Photoshop users, you’ll have access to a set of .PNGs for you to build your setup. First off you’d choose what storm type in the end, whether it be pulse storms, multicell, linear, supercells, or even discrete supercells. Secondly, you can add in a radial (included in both variations for each number/level) for each of the four parts of the setup, and risks.

This design is built in super-high 2400×1400 pixel resolution.

File size: 97mb

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