CBN Upper & Lower Thirds

This collection of upper & lower thirds is a sleek, modern take on both the upper and lower third. The primary color scheme is blue and off-white, with variations including warm colored (yellow, orange, and off-red) trim, which helps them stand out on virtually any background, video, or graphic.

Each upper and lower third is roughly 250 pixels tall, and 1500 pixels wide. That said, there’s two different variations of both the upper & lower thirds — one version (of both upper and lowers) includes a wider left blue section, where a logo can be conveniently placed — and one version less left blue space for those who don’t wish to pop a logo into the upper or lower third.

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Each variation includes 3 design variations, one without the solid yellow/orange/off-red sporting a yellow glow instead, one with a transparent solid yellow/orange/off-red, and one with the solid yellow/orange/off-red bar lining the main bar.

In total, there’s 4 different designs, with 3 variations of each, equating to a total of 12 upper & lower thirds. The PNGs are blank so you can use them in a program of your choice, all you have to do is add text & your logo if you choose to use the lower or upper thirds with space for your logo. Below is the full list of included assets:

  • 12 PNGs: 3 lower thirds with logo space, 3 lower thirds without logo space, 3 upper thirds with logo space, 3 upper thirds without logo space
  • 4 PSDs: lower thirds with logo space, lower thirds without logo space, upper thirds with logo space, & upper thirds without logo space. The PSDs include template text that can be edited, and are fully layered & editable design-wise

The font used in examples is the “Gotham” font family.

File size: 29 MB

Included w Premium Membership