About Broadcast Style Upper/Lower Thirds

This pack of versatile upper and lower thirds incorporates modern clean design traits that allow them to stand out on a wide range of different backgrounds, in addition to easily being used as both upper and lower thirds.

The first design includes 4 different style variations, as well as two color styles of breaking news add-on bars when needed. The first design works brilliantly with dark text to ensure a viewers eyes are drawn to the text while the light and contrasted design keeps the contained looking stylish.

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The second design uses a simpler, bolder look — with the blue style working well with darker text, and the red version looking great with light text in the primary bar.

The first design (2400 x 700) includes 6 total .PNGs and a single, fully editable .PSD. 4 of these .PNGs are the variations of the upper/lower third itself, while the other two are the breaking news add-on bars. The second design (2377 x 800) includes two .PNGs and a single, fully editable .PSD, bringing this pack’s total contents to 8 .PNGs and 2 .PSDs.

Total contents:

  • 4 PNG variations: design 1
  • 2 .PNG variations: breaking news addon bars for design 1
  • 2 .PNG variations: design 2
  • 2 .PSDs

File size: 100 MB

Included w Premium Membership