About Allergy Forecast

Display expected allergen levels with two different available styles: one modular risk bar with 9 toggle-able, color-coded risk levels, & a traditional graph-like risk bar with 3 simple levels (low, medium, & high).

This allergy forecast forecast includes (as you’d expect) a unique upper third, and red trim across all design elements to help viewers easily visualize the forecasted allergen levels you choose for your forecast.

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Also included is a photo of a tree in full bloom in 3 different shade variations. Further details of what is included image asset wise with this design below;

Bar design 1 (PNGs):

  • 9 different level bars for each allergen type in PNG format
  • A blank text version of the 9-level bar for custom use (PNGs)

Bar design 2:

  • 3 (low, medium, high) bars for each allergen type (PNGs)
  • 3 bar design blank text variation for custom use (PNGs)


  • Upper third (PNG)
  • Key bar: 3 versions – one as seen in previews, one partially blank, and one fully blank for custom use (PNGs)
  • 3 background variations (JPGs)

File size: 72 MB

Included w Premium Membership