About MetGraphics

During the late 2000s, the creator and owner of MetGraphics, Tyler Young, was becoming deeply involved and dedicated to writing detailed blogs analyzing northern California’s bouts of active weather. For the first couple of years, these posts were strictly text, perhaps with some model data embedded — but no original graphics.

After roughly a year of posting these increasingly fine-tuned storm analysis blogs, it was ultimately decided in order to grow a dedicated and engaged audience, some in-house visuals would be beneficial. After learning PowerPoint in ’08 & ’09, while it helped to produce simple forecasts and basic maps, it was determined that Photoshop would break through a graphical fidelity barrier that PowerPoint couldn’t quite get past.

By 2009, enough skill had been acquired in Photoshop that by later in the year, a decent library of in-house original graphics had been produced. Each post analyzing those storms in California now came packed with a handful of accurate and unique graphics. These graphics, especially the maps, became a major part of the identity of the blogs’ website, and began catching the eyes of other forecasters and meteorologists well outside of California.

Later in 2010, a subdomain under the blog website was created – which was dedicated to weather graphics. This offered the first templates available to the public, although it took almost a year for the first sale to occur (fun fact: the first sale was a Chinese bot, making fraudulent purchases that were all flagged and refunded w/ transaction fees, equating to a net loss). About two years after the first subdomain was created, as a sizable collection of design packages were stacking up, MetGraphics.net was born by early 2012 to let folks in the forecasting/media industry more easily browse through the growing collection of designs.

Since 2012, MetGraphics has become an increasingly popular source of designs to forecasters, meteorologists, and other folks around the world. As of late 2020, a quarter million individual folks have browsed through the MetGraphics website, with over 4,000 product users – a feat that would’ve sounded as realistic as dragons to the middle-schooler learning Photoshop back in 2007.

The same year MetGraphics.net launched, Tyler also launched a physical business: Placer Snake Removal, a professional rattlesnake removal service in northern California. Over the years, as both businesses have matured, time invested into each business has been somewhat split: investing the warm season months (April – October) to PSR, and the cool season months (November – March) to MetGraphics.